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Pain Tip Tuesday – When is the right time to get help

Posted at 4:56 PM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 16:56:21-04

Today Dr. Christian Milioto, from the WNY Pain Reliefand Integrative Wellness Center addresses something someone with chronic pain may ask. When is the right time to get help? He says research has shown that people don’t address their pain until the third time they experience symptoms, injure their backs or their pain becomes prime meaning lasting for more than just a few hours or couple days. Chronic pain is processed after only seven days. That is a very short window to be proactive about your pain. Dr. Milioto says if you suffer from neuropathy, stenosis, sciatica, early or late morning stiffness, balance issues, weakness in the legs, arthritis inflammation, then you have already ventured into chronic pain and you may have tried to address it. His office solely focuses on these conditions utilizing customized care programs for your unique situation and pain. He says they resolve and eliminate 90% or more of chronic pain in as little as four to eight weeks. Their therapies are evidence and research based, reducing and eliminating pain management or medication, the need for surgery, and giving you your true quality of life back.

For more information call WNY Pain Relief at 716-650-PAIN (7246) or go to their website