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Pain Tip Tuesday – Neck and back pain

Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 18:00:51-05

Dr. Christian Milioto, from the WNY Pain Reliefand Integrative Wellness Center has this pain tip for you regarding neck and back pain that you may experience and the potential ramifications if certain conditions when left untreated. Our spine is the foundation of the body, anchoring our muscles and ligaments. Dr. Milioto says we have articulating joints like our shoulders, hips and knees that allow us to walk, stand, lift bend and perform our activities of daily living. Over time our spine and joints begin to wear down and we experience some discomfort and we don’t have to have a serious injury for some of those conditions to occur. He says general aches or pains, arthritis, disk bulges, herniation, stenosis, muscle spasms are just some of the injuries that can occur. Those injuries can result in sharp shooting pains, burning, numbness, tingling when left untreated and allowed to progress. Dr. Milioto says for those of you who have tried options to treat the pain you may know the struggles of failed treatments from over-the-counter pain medications, prescribed oral medication, physical therapy, chiropractic and even surgery is sometime not enough. Imagine a life without the pain that has been holding you back. At WNY Pain Relief they treat your individual pain, addressing the root cause and giving your life back. They offer the most advanced treatment that is both nonsurgical and nondrug related. The unique advanced therapies are safe, effective and each treatment is based on your individual history.

Call WNY Pain Relief at 716-650-PAIN (7246) and schedule your assessment with Dr. Christian Milioto and find your natural solution to pain relief.

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