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Pain Tip Tuesday – A therapy if you are suffering from chronic pain

Posted at 7:22 PM, Feb 01, 2022

Mel has been going to the WNY Pain Relief and Integrative Wellness Center since she met Dr. Christian Milioto through AM Buffalo a little while ago. What she discovered is that they have amazing therapies that can help you if you are suffering from chronic pain.

One of those therapies is something that has helped her with her lower back. The machine is called the DRX 9000. Dr. Christian Milioto says what it is doing is taking the pressure off the nerve roots or the cord where you feel your pain. He says the advantage to this is that it is not painful. He goes on to say what we are doing is eliminating the pressure in your spine taking the symptoms away from the legs and feet. You will notice when you are done with this treatment not only will you have relief in your back that you will feel quite immediately, but you will notice a reduction in the symptoms, improvement in your balance and your overall strength.

Who would you put on this machine? Dr. Milioto says decompression itself is the gold standard for people who have issues in their neck or back and this applies to anybody, arthritis, muscle aches, sharp pain, people with disk bulges, herniation, sciatica, or stenosis. Dr. Milioto says if you have back pain and you’ve looked for alternative therapies, this is the solution before medication, drugs, injections or surgery and there is so much research to show how quickly it will help somebody.

For more information call WNY Pain Relief at 716-650-PAIN (7246) or go to their website