AM Buffalo


Organ Fairchild performs live on AM Buffalo

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 23, 2020

Mel Camp is live at Organ Fairchild’s porch for an impromptu concert. Organ Fairchild’s lead singer Dave Ruch talks with Mel. Dave says they are a relatively new band that just started last fall and winter, but he has been playing with these guys on and off since 1981. They put together the project, it’s the first original music they have done together. They’ve been writing new songs to play in this format. He says it is an organ trio format which not everyone is familiar with. In the classic organ trio, you would have the keyboard player play the bass his left hand and organ with the other. Dave says they don’t have a bass player and Joe Bellanti on the keyboard is doing both parts. Corey Kertzie is on drums and Dave plays guitar and is lead singer.