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New procedure for receding gums

Posted at 3:34 PM, Apr 09, 2021

Receding gums are unattractive and can cause tooth sensitivity and lead to other oral health issues, decay and eventually bone loss and in extreme cases you can end up losing the tooth. The aging process and health issues are also factors. Receding gums can affect any one at any age even younger people.

Dr. John Chao, DDS is the inventor of pinhole gum rejuvenation. It is the first minimally invasive treatment for receding gums that require no scalpels, no stitching and minimum down time. Dr. Chao says the whole procedure is done with tiny pinholes made in the gums. First the gums are numbed with a local anesthetic, then using special instruments that he designed, a trained dentist frees the gum tissue and guides the gum down to cover the exposed roots. He says the pinholes heal very quickly, most times in one day and most patients report little or no pain and virtually no down time.

To date, Dr. Chao has trained over 3500 dentists across the country and around the world. Due to the demand, he is continuing training courses with new online classes for dentists.

If you are looking for a doctor who has gone through Dr. Chao’s training, go to his website pinholegumrejuvenation.comfor information regarding pinhole dentists and the training program for dentists.

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