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NERD Alert for August

Posted at 6:58 PM, Aug 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-01 18:58:12-04

Here is your NERD Alert for the month of August.

On August 10th - Happy 76th Birthday to the mothership of all museums, The Smithsonian Institution! It is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex - with 21 museums and the National Zoo - created to help shape the future by preserving heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing those resources with the world.

August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day! If you’re not so big a fan of the lines you have to wait in to get on said roller coasters - great news! The holiday falls on a Tuesday!

If you’re more into flying loop de loops without the aid of rails - maybe celebrating National Aviation Day is more your thing. The holiday was established in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who proclaimed Orville Wright's birthday - August 19th - the official day to celebrate advancements in aviation.

It was on August 24th 2006 that the former planet Pluto - was downgraded to a dwarf planet. There are people who celebrate August 24th each year as Pluto Day - or Pluto Demoted Day…to remember the special place it still holds in our hearts…if not the solar system.

Movies and television:

If the most recent Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, had you hankering to see the Tobey MacGuire and Andrew Garfield versions again…good news! August 1st - they’re now all available on Netflix to revisit - and rekindle debates over who was the best Spider-Man. Or more importantly, who was the best Aunt Mae.

“The Sandman”, based on Neil Gaiman’s superhero graphic novel, debuts on Netflix - August 5.

On August 12th - Jamie Foxx stars as a vampire-hunting patriarch in Netflix comedy “Day Shift”.

Coming to Disney Plus starting on August 17th - new series from Marvel Studios “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law!”

Cup head and Mugman are back this month! Based on the hit video game The Cuphead Show!: Part 2 hits Netflix on August 19

Game of Thrones fans who have been spitting “fire and blood” since the final episode in 2019 - can finally have their thirst for thrones quenched…because spin-off “House of Targaryen” comes to HBO on August 21

And at the end of the month - new Star Wars series “Andor” begins - following the journey of Cassian Andor on his path to becoming a rebel hero. That series kicks off on Disney Plus on August 31st!