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National Comedy Center summer fun weeks

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jun 25, 2021

Journey Gunderson, executive director of the National Comedy Center says they are the nation’s official cultural institution dedicated to comedy. If you have not visited their museum attraction, please note it was named the best new museum in the country just one year ago and made Time’s world’s greatest places list.

The museum experience is good for all ages. Journey says the exhibits and storytelling all of which very interactive and fun spans the entire history of comedy and when children arrive, they get their own brochure that points them to the children’s exhibits. They are also doing summer fun weeks. Starting this week for the next 7 weeks they have added themes to the museum. Journey says you are still getting entire National Comedy Museum experience plus a few extra fun storytelling on top of topics like buddy comedy, or workplace comedy or animated and cartooning forms comedy, slapstick comedy, and healing types of comedy. Each week culminates with Riverside Saturday outside of the comedy center. Journey says what that looks like is, on Saturdays they are going to keep the museum open longer so, instead of closing at 5pm they will stay open until 7pm. After enjoying the museum, you can go outside of the comedy center onto the riverfront of Jamestown, have a drink, enjoy the band and watch a film screening that goes along with the theme. The first week is buddy week and the movie is Wayne’s World.

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