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Music Monday – The Srictly Hip is playing with the BPO

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 18:13:59-04

Jeremy Hoyle, lead singer of The Strictly Hip says they are so excited to be back with the orchestra. This is something that they spent a lot of time and focus on and they haven’t played with the Buffalo Philharmonic since June of 2019.

What does it feel like to play with the Buffalo Philharmonic? Jeremy says I get to be the lead singer with the best band in Buffalo and that’s the BPO. It’s a big powerful force behind me and then you are in a big powerful rock and roll band playing incredible music.

The Strictly Hip is an homage to the Tragically Hip. He says they take a sort-of different approach than a lot of other bands who play other people’s music in that rightly or wrongly we consider ourselves stewards of the music, but we try to do is perform it as respectfully and accurately as humanly possible so that means getting down to the very, very little details that maybe you don’t notice but you do notice them so we do all those things in respect and love of the original artist, The Tragically Hip. Jeremy says they have been known to bring in an extra artist to perform one note on a symphonic chime, things like that.

When you come to see them, he says you get something real and something that someone has lovingly try to reproduce. The Strictly Hip is performing with the BPO on Sunday at 6pm at the Batavia Downs.

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