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Music Monday – The Buffalo Philharmonic

Posted at 5:19 PM, Oct 19, 2020

While we can’t get into Kleinhan’s right now, never fear, the Buffalo Philharmonic is bringing the music to you with a series of live stream concerts. Mel Camp met with music director Joann Faletta to talk about playing through the pandemic.

Joann says it’s beautiful to think people on demand can watch a program of the philharmonic playing in a hall that they know so well with a beautiful sound. It’s a little different know because they are sitting further apart and wearing masks. She says at first it felt a little bit strange because they use to play close together so they could hear each other well and it’s odd not to see people’s faces because musicians are smiling when they are looking at you and you don’t see that anymore but somehow when they started to play all that went away. It wasn’t important anymore that people were wearing masks; it wasn’t important that they were spaced out from each other because they were playing music together and that brought them together and that is so beautiful.

The upside to online streaming is that everyone can come to the concert. Joann says it has opened them up to many people who might never be in Buffalo. She says they just received a fan letter from a person in Denver who was watching them. She says we have to think of it as a time of opportunity. She says they’ve had to do that. They have had to change how they think about their music and how they deliver their music at least temporarily.

Joann Falletta encourages people to go to their website where you can see and hear their concerts.

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