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Music Monday – Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue

Posted at 3:24 PM, Feb 22, 2021

DJ Milk says he got the idea from seeing people on Zoom meetings all day and his son on distant learning all day and it seemed like it was taking a toll on people. He says he had an opportunity to do it for some people and he thought he could help people who were going through Zoom fatigue or virtual meetings all day.

What do you get when DJ Milk is on a Zoom meeting? He says usually he is on the meeting before the people get there and he is playing some music that will get them pumped up. As he sees people coming on he tries to give them a shout out if he can see their name and welcome them into the meeting and try and get people energized and excited about whatever the discussion is going to be.

It’s not just for businesses either. He does it for schools and this is another way for them to have a good time during their day because they get really drained doing distant learning. It can be tough.

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