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Music Monday – Mel talks with band members of The Tragically Hip

Posted at 6:40 PM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-15 18:40:56-05

The Tragically Hip are releasing Road Apples the 30th Anniversary box set weekend. The box set has hours and hours of never heard before music from The Tragically Hip. Mel talked with Rob Baker and Paul Langlois from The Tragically Hip.

When asked if it feels like it was 30 years ago that this was recorded Rob Baker, guitarist says sometimes it does, but I actually remember every detail, like I can remember the smell of the rooms, the feel of the air in New Orleans when we were making the record.

Guitarist Paul Langlois says when you hear it, it just feels like you are in that room again. It was fun, it was really rock n’ roll.

Rob Baker says there were a lot of bittersweet moments. He says when I heard probably take two or take three of Fiddler’s Green, it was just Gord and I playing on an early take and listening to it in that detail it was like he was sitting three feet in front of me. He goes on to say I think the first time I got about 30 seconds in and the second time I got about a minute in and the third time I got through it, but it wasn’t easy for me, it’s pretty intense.

Paul Langlois says there is just something special about Buffalo. He says Buffalo would have been the next city on the list, but we weren’t able to cross the border; there was just too much concern with Gord’s health and that kind of thing, but Buffalo would have been on that tour. He says we always enjoyed being in Buffalo and playing in Buffalo, it was one of our favorite places.

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