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Music Monday – Mel talks with actor James Rana from The Band’s Visit

Posted at 4:51 PM, Nov 01, 2021

The Band’s Visit is coming to Shea’s starting tomorrow, November 2nd and runs through November 7th. Mel talked with one of the actors in the play, James Rana.

James says he is a huge fan of AM Buffalo. He says he is a great love of great local programming and when he was working with the show in Toronto, he used to watch the show every morning with Linda, and says this show is fantastic and because of online I could watch it every morning.

James says we are so thrilled to be bringing The Band’s Visit to Shea’s. He is the longest running member of The Band’s Visit and has been with the show since Broadway. The play is based on an Israeli film from 2007 called The Band’s Visit. James say it tells the story of a police band from Egypt and they get invited to play at a cultural event in Israel and because of some language barriers they end up in the wrong town. He says it is a beautiful, it’s charming, funny and shows that people have their differences; cultural, language, different beliefs, but we are human beings and what brings us together, we have a connection. Music is a connection, so many things that we all have so much more in common and he says he has had some people in towns buying tickets for all eight performances because they can’t get enough.

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