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Music Monday – Founder and drummer of The Police is playing with the BPO

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 25, 2021

Mel talked with Steward Copeland, founder and drummer for The Police. He is playing with the BPO on Friday, October 29th at Kleinhan’s. He shares some great stories with Mel.

Mel asked him what was the most difficult song to derange? Steward says Message in a Bottle is like a diamond; it won’t be dismembered. He says the best form of it is the way it is. He says he added a couple of bits in the middle and the introduction of the stuff to hide the hit until it kicks in. Steward says the thing about those songs that Sting wrote is that they are indestructible, not even I can ruin them, and I did try back in the day, but they survived anything.

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