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Music Monday – Carina & The Six String Preacher

Posted at 5:17 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 17:17:41-04

We have amazing music here in Western New York. It has been tough for so many of our musicians because they haven’t been able to play their regular gigs that they do throughout summer. So they've had to be innovative. There have been some amazing online virtual concerts and are still playing but they can’t advertise their gigs.

Mel went to Music City Buffalo to meet the local band called Carina & The Six String Preacher. They are a modern-day jazz noir trio with a twist. Carina M, singer songwriter says it has sucked not being able to perform, however they have spent that time recording a lot. They have released two songs and music videos during the pandemic and have decided to release a vinyl. One of the songs on the vinyl features a single called Shattered. It is set to feature in the soundtrack of an upcoming film. Carina M say the film is actually being filmed in Buffalo and it is called Heartbreak Falls. The film is due to finish filming in 2022 so is should be released later that year. Guitarist Vincent James Mastrantonio adds it was postponed a little due to the pandemic. Mel says something the pandemic can’t stop is The Big Easy in Buffalo’s full live stream series. You can catch it every weekend throughout fall on Carina & The Six String Preacher are on the line-up.

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