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Monday at the Erie County Fair

Posted at 8:46 PM, Aug 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 20:46:46-04

It is the 181st Erie County Fair. Wes Dust, chairman of the agricultural society board has been on the board for a little over 25 years and has been coming to the fair every year since he was a kid. He says they didn’t go on family vacations they came to the fair every year as kids. Wes says today is the Taste of the Fair and a lot of vendors are participating. You can get a smaller sample of their food for just $2. He says you can taste the whole spectrum of food from fried Oreo’s to tacos and burgers and you can get a nice cross section of the food they have there. Also, he says there is a free concert tonight. You can see Shenandoah at the grandstand.

Mercedes Wilson is tasting some delicious food that you can enjoy when you are at the fair. Today she is with Dre from Dre’s Place and he has some delicious North Carolina style barbecue for Mercedes to try.

When you are at the fair you have to check out the animals. Mel talks with Chris who is with her alpaca Priscilla and she tells us the difference between the Alpaca and a llama.

Emily talks with people to find out their favorite memory at the Erie County Fair.

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