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Mom owned trucking company

Posted at 5:59 PM, May 04, 2021

Paula D’Amico is on the road again and today she is celebrating a mom and business owner.

Lynn Mallare Bona is the owner of Mallare Enterprises. Her mom was the original owner. When her mom was sick, Lynn quit her job to stay home and take care of her and she passed away two months later.

The company has 16 dump trucks and they haul construction material around Western New York, so blacktop, stone, dirt, snow because she says this is Buffalo. They also have some tractors, trailers, and flatbeds.

Lynn says they have a great group of employees. She says they hire for attitude and work ethic because you can’t train that.

Before Lynn became a business owner, she was a wife and mother. Her oldest daughter owns a store on Grant Street and her other daughter has a doctorate in physical therapy. Lynn says that she, herself went to college as an adult and was in college when her daughters were in high school. Lynn went to school to be a speech/language pathologist and worked in the schools before her mom got sick. She says her kids know that nothing is etched in stone. You don’t have to do what you think you were supposed to do, you can do what you want to do.

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