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Mercedes Benz of Buffalo is hiring

Posted at 6:21 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 18:21:29-04

Brooke Arber, General Manager at Mercedes Benz of Buffalo says we have a lot of new job opportunities as we are growing, and we are sort of getting out of COVID. She says they are always looking for technicians and that’s a job every car dealership is looking for, but at the moment they are also looking for salespeople, sales assistants and entry level positions like car washers and lot valleys. She goes on to say that’s a lot of fun way to start working there because you are driving around Mercedes Benz vehicles and your just getting familiar with the vehicles.

If you are looking for more information on the positions they are hiring for, Brooke says the easiest thing to do is you can go right to their website, and there is a whole page on careers. She says it talks about, why work for us, some of the benefits we that offer, some of the fun things we do and right from there you can just fill out the application and we do go through those daily. Brooke says sometimes they aren’t always hiring for the position someone is interested in, but we try to get back to them and let them know and then they keep those on file if that does become available. She says they aren’t always looking for someone with a ton of experience. A lot of times if you have that people persona and like to talk, if you really like to help, if you’re just a people person, everything else can be taught. If you have that people skill, that is a great skill to have. She says if you’re not familiar with a product or selling or service or any of that we can teach all that stuff.

Brook tells Emily the great thing about working for a manufacturer like Mercedes Benz is there is a ton of training. She says they do a ton of training that we can send people to and then we do our own training. She goes on to say she has experience with that. When she started out here, twenty-five years ago, she was answering phones now she is the general manager. She says there was a lot of schooling in between and things like that. She goes on to say it’s a small company with great ownership who takes care of their employees, so I was very lucky to be able to just continue to go to school and continue to work. Brooke tells Emily a good 50% of the people that are currently here started in a different position than the one they are in now or are in three or four different positions than the one they started in, so we really try to promote from within. Brooke says if you start at just the basics and you work hard and you love it and you have fun here you could probably stay here and have a great life.

What makes it a great place to work? Brooke says it’s a family first of all; it is a family operated business. We work hard to make it a good experience for the people who work here because then they are going to make it a great experience for the people that come here. She says they are learning how to be more flexible, and says we have adjusted our hours a little bit and we sort of figured out how to do some job sharing or some part time or just flexible when people need it and not mess up the customer experience because that’s why we are here in the first place, it’s people first and so it’s trying to figure out how we can take care of our customer but take care of our employees so they can have a quality lifestyle.


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