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Mercedes and Emily visit Tattered Tulip Home Décor

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 17:17:14-04

Earlier this week AM Buffalo revealed their new set and the business behind this beautiful set is Tattered Tulip in Lockport. Emily and Mercedes are at Tattered Tulip and talked with the owner, Lisa Miles.

When asked where she finds her inspiration when it comes to designing something like an empty set, Lisa says, “It just comes from within. I look at the area and say well, I think this is where we are going to go and then after getting a feel for what you were looking for that’s the most important thing.”

Lisa says, Tattered Tulip is, local, home grown, family run, here in Western New York and trying to please everybody and get their homes all looking beautiful”

When asked how she got her start, Lisa says, “I did it for fun on the side and I did a lot of my friends houses and family. Then I started getting a little busy doing corporate things, doctors, lawyers, restaurants and I was working in big corporate and decided I’m going to make a change. I turned 40 and I am going to do what I love and this is what I love and I haven’t looked back since.”

She has three locations and none of them are alike. She has locations, the Tattered Tulip Barn is 4090 Lake Avenue, which is on route 78, The Tattered Tulip Mercantile is in Wrights Corners in the Tim Hortons shopping plaza right at the corner of route 78 and 104 and the Tattered Tulip Home is located on Niagara Falls Boulevard in North Tonawanda.

Mercedes wanted to know what Lisa does when someone walks into your store and says they want to decorate but I have no clue what to do. Lisa says, “We ask them to bring in a picture of the area they want to decorate and just by that little picture walk them in the right direction and show them different options, we never want to show them just one, we have plenty of ideas to show them.” They also have paints. Their paints are geared toward furniture, but Lisa says you can paint floors with it. They can help you with choosing colors.

There is a kitchen section where you can buy all kinds of delicious items like salsas, cheese dips, and so much more.

For more information visit their website