Melindas Garden Moment; Overwinter Annuals and Expand Your Plant Collection from Cuttings

Melindas Garden Moment
Posted at 1:03 PM, Oct 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 13:03:51-04

Starting new plants from cuttings of existing plants is a great way to pass along family heirlooms, overwinter tender plants indoors and increase your plant collection.

Take a 4-inch cutting and remove any flowers or buds and the lowest leaf or two.

Place the cutting in a container filled with moist vermiculite or a sterile potting mix.

Or use this homemade propagator.

Place a small terra cotta pot without drainage holes in the center of a larger pot filled with moist potting mix.

Stick cuttings in potting mix around the smaller pot. Fill the smaller pot with water.

As soil dries the water moves from the small pot to the surrounding soil. Set the potted cuttings in an open plastic bag to increase humidity.

Place it in a bright location away from direct light and keep the rooting mix moist.