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Mel visits Lockport Presbyterian Home

Posted at 4:44 PM, Sep 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-20 16:44:05-04

Pam Flagler, administrator, says Lockport Presbyterian Home is an adult care facility, so we are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She says we take care of the residents housekeeping, laundry, we can assist with their medications and we have a wide variety of activities which is kind of nice because it allows the residents to socialize which is so important. A lot of them are in their own homes and they get lonely. Kids, family and loved ones can only do so much because we are all busy and all working so the home offers them that socialization.

Lockport Presbyterian Home also offers respite. Pam says respite offers the family a little break if they want or if they are going on vacation and they are concerned about their loved ones staying home they can bring them in. She says they receive the same services that all of their residents do but the nice thing is for the family there is peace of mind. Family are taken care of, the resident doesn’t have to worry, so it makes it nice and it makes everyone feel comfortable. Pam says it also gives the resident an opportunity to try us out and see how they like it. She says some residents start under respite care just so they find out if it is something they really want to do, and our ratio is pretty good for people who decide to stay long-term, so that’s really nice.

A resident, Bob Scalzo has lived at Lockport Presbyterian Home for four years now. Bob, says he loves it here and it’s like having a big family, we do a lot of activities and you can get out if you want to. He says it’s very good here.

Lockport Presbyterian Home joined the Beechwood Family. Pam says the nice thing for us, being an adult care facility is that we have an avenue for our residents to go to get a higher level of care. She says it’s very important for people to have a plan when they get older, so God forbid, if something happens and they can no longer stay with us, Beechwood has given us a nice path for our residents to go, whether it be for rehab, for skilled services, for palliative care, Beechwood offers a wide variety of additional services for our residents so it really gives them a lot of peace of mind, and their families.

Dewey Dobson, a resident, says the home is great for people like her. She says, I lived alone, I had a house; I couldn’t keep up with it and I was in a wheelchair and I just couldn’t keep up, so they put me here and I am very, very happy. Dewey says, it’s great and they feed me well, I’m sorry to say, (with a chuckle) and I can’t stop eating. Dewey says she loves it here, they give her everything she wants, and she is happy.

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