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Mel visits Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center

Posted at 4:49 PM, Mar 23, 2021

Mel is at Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center. She says they have such a good range of products there and it’s so much fun to go there and to take a look at things in person. Jim Millspaugh, owner of Clyde’s Feed and Animal Shelter says people love looking around with their pets, exploring different things. Clyde’s feed and Animal Center teamed up with 716 Rescue Resources, a rescue organization.

Lisa Logan from 716 Rescue Resources says it is an organization she started in July so she could help give products and funds to all the local rescues in the area. She takes donations of products and uses the money from funding to get supplies for all local rescues for cats and dogs. Her mission is to get rescues to tie in with independent pet stores to support local instead of going online and getting their needs. In her fundraising efforts she goes to Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center and get gift cards and give them to local rescues so they in turn come back to Clyde’s and shop. She says Clyde’s is a big supporter of rescues and she wants to get rescues back into local stores.

716 Rescue Resources has a big fundraiser coming up. It is a virtual meat raffle. The virtual meat raffle is taking place on March 26th at 7pm. She says Nylabone and Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center have been big supporters and are sponsoring it. They are selling ticket packages for the evening. They are hoping to have a lot of ticket sales and make some money for the rescues. Lisa Logan says they are having the pick-up of prizes at Clyde’s. They are also offering delivery of your prizes because it is throughout all of Western New York that they are supporting.

Jim Millspaugh, owner of Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center says the animals don’t have a way to speak for themselves and he says basically they are there to advocate for them. He says they have done it for many years, and it is satisfying to see them get their forever home.

For more information you can go to their Facebook page, 716 Rescue Resources. They do have an event page, Virtual Meat Raffle for the 716. You can also go to Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center’s Facebook page as well for information.

Click here to go to Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center’s website.