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Mel talks with The Grace Strumberg Band and the West Falls Center for the Arts

Posted at 8:59 PM, Sep 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-21 20:59:47-04

Now is the time to get out and support your favorite local band. When you come to see them things are going to be a little different. Everyone has to pivot including doing things like playing on a roof.

Grace Lougen guitarist for The Grace Strumberg Band says they were playing a lot, like seven days a week, but now they are grateful to play once a week.

Local bands need the support of fans now more than ever. Singer and guitarist Grace Strumberg says a lot of people on Facebook will say they just want to go to a live concert like Miley Cryus or Phish but you can go to live concerts starting with your local acts that are playing on roof tops. Playing on the rooftop was her husband’s idea says Carolyn Panzica, Executive Director of the West Falls Center for the Arts. She says it has worked out wonderfully. Everyone social distances far apart and everyone can see well.

Doug Yeomans tells Mel that at this point you can’t advertise music and you can’t charge a ticket to a live music show. So, people really can’t find out who’s playing a venue and when they are playing. It has to be by word of mouth.

West Falls Center for the Arts is still able to host fundraisers with live music but even making the most of a rooftop and seating the fans in a parking lot, the state has strict guideline and limits the crowd size to just 50 people.

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