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Mel talks with author of The Secret intelligence of Water

Posted at 2:59 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 14:59:58-04

Veda Austin is a water researcher and author of the book The Secret Intelligence of Water. She is a crystallographer and water researcher who has had some amazing results freezing and photographing water.

Austin says I am a crystallographer so I basically take photographs of frozen water after it has been exposed to an influence of kind. That influence can be thoughts or music or words, environment or anything like that and she says it is really endless as to the kind of things you can inspire water for. Using a simple technique, Austin first exposes a small amount of water in a Petrie dish to thoughts, written words or pictures before flash freezing the water. Then she takes a picture with her iPhone. Austin says it is an experiment anyone can try and offers tutorials through social media and says most of us have freezers, you can order a cheap Petrie dish, most of us have water and we all have something to think.

Currently Austin is working on a collection of hydroglyphs. She says there is so much more to water than it being just something to drink and washing away our waste and cleaning our bodies. She goes on to say she was wondering whether or not water really did have some ability to store information. Think of these hydroglyphs as being like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs only formed in frozen water after that water has been exposed to a word. She has 31 glyphs and it has taken her 3 ½ years because it takes that long to say she got one. For me working in this realm of water and taking these photographs has led me on a much deeper journey than I ever imagined.

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