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Mel catches up with Dr. Christian Milioto from the WNY Pain Relief and Integrative Wellness Center

Posted at 4:13 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 16:13:50-05

Dr. Milioto says he is very proud of what they offer in their office and he says they strive to be different on a couple of levels; not only in patient care; their research in evidence-based treatments but delivering education and quality care to the patient on all levels. He goes on to say they have been getting a lot of interesting calls from people for example looking for decompression, or treatment for disk pain or neuropathy and what they are finding is there is nobody who does what we do. They strive to be different says Dr. Christian Milioto and they really do deliver care that is different, when they address chronic pain and that’s why they help people get better faster.

When asked how he can do it differently and what are they doing differently, Dr. Christian Milioto says he tells people it’s not about the technology. He says they have fantastic pieces of technology that are state of the art and they do have a clinical outcome, but it is how you use it. When a patient comes into the office nobody’s care plan is the same; nobody has the same pain or nerve damage or joint issues. We all have some level of inflammation or discomfort that we are experiencing, and anyone can have pain. He says they have patients from 8 years old to 101.

How do you get started? Dr. Milioto says in their office he tells people they have to start with the consultation. They have a lot of therapies, but everything is tailored to you. He says if your someone who is suffering from chronic pain in the neck or back; if you notice you have burning, numbness or tingling; you have nerve or joint pain don’t wait. Come in for an assessment. Call for a free consultation or if you are nervous about that come in for a seminar. Learn about how you can help your body; learn about how you can avoid taking pain medications or drugs to help block your pain and find your natural solution to pain relief. He says no matter how long you have had it there is a way they can address your pain and you can get the quality of life back you deserve.

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