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Mel and Mercedes check out the delicious food at the fair

Posted at 4:37 PM, Aug 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-19 16:37:52-04

It's donut time at the fair. Mel is talking with Nate from Peachey’s Baking Company. Nate says they had a bakery when he was a kid and he got tired of always staying indoors, inside the same four walls every day, so he took their best-selling item which was their donuts and put them in a trailer so they could do fairs. They travel around the east coast doing fairs from Florida to New York. Nate says their trailer is like pretty much a craft bakery on wheels. They make the donuts fresh all day long at the fair and they are making them from scratch. There are no mixes involved. They also make the icing inhouse. The dough is made in-house with a little mixer in the trailer that is running all day so when you get the donuts they will always be hot and fresh.

Mercedes Wilson from Recipes for Life is trying a turkey leg. She is with Big G from Big G’s. . Big G says they hickory smoke the turkey legs for four hours and after they bring it off the smoker they finish them on the grill and serve it to all the wonderful people at the fair. Mercedes says they are huge, super tender and delicious. They are located trackside and they also have a stand at the Events Center and a turkey leg location close to the carnival on 42nd Street.

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