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Meet the stars of Tyler Perry’s The Oval

Posted at 5:38 PM, May 11, 2021

Ptosha Storey and Javon Johnson from Tyler Perry’s The Oval

Ptosha Storey plays Nancy Hallsen, and Javon Johnson plays Richard Hallsen and there is trouble in paradise. Ptosha says the characters Richard and Nancy are on a journey to try and figure this thing out. Nancy has made a horrendous choice in the marriage where she had a child 25 years ago without him knowing and now, she is at a crossroads where, do you tell or do you not and what choice saves your marriage.

Ptosha says we are more than our worse mistake and that’s a reminder to most people because we all have skeletons. We may not have made the right decision, but you can always try and make it right and that is the journey that her character Nancy is on.

Javon says Richard, his character, just wants all the facts so he can be in a position to make a decision. He says everyone has skeletons in their closet, just some of us have bigger bones than others.

Ptosha says Tyler Perry is such a giver and he is a prime example of perseverance and to keep going. She goes on to say we give up so quickly but when you look at the trajectory of his life and the choices he has made and she says she thinks he lived out of a car and he keeps going and he keeps giving.

The midseason premiere of Tyler Perry’s The Oval is tonight at 9pm on the BET network.