AM Buffalo


Meet the people who transformed our AM Buffalo set

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jul 29, 2022

It was a little more than a month ago that we unveiled our new set. Mercedes says, “Now that we have settled into our new digs we thought it was time to bring in Sean Wrafter, co-owner of ACME Cabinet Co, and director of business development and Molly Bardwell, kitchen designer.”

When asked how they came up with the concept for this beautiful set, Sean says, “Whether we are designing a set for someone or a kitchen or any project we do, the important thing is for us to ask a lot of questions. We always start a process with an in-home consultation, which is free. We come to your house or your set or whatever project we are working on, we ask a ton of questions so you can tell us what you are looking for, what you want, what you need, show us pictures so we have an idea of what we can offer you.”

ACME Cabinet Company is a locally owned and operated kitchen cabinet dealership and they do mostly kitchens, but Sean says they also do bathrooms and built-in areas like a vanity or a built-in spot behind your television, built-in book shelves, mud rooms and they also do closets.

Emily says her kitchen is her sanctuary and a lot of people feel the same way. She wanted to know what those questions look like that they ask. Molly says, “In this instance there were a couple of obstacles we had to overcome. For example we couldn’t have anything too bright white for the cameras so we opted for this off-white dove color. They also wanted a really nice big island for interviews like this so we created this big rounded half-moon island.”

They come to your house to start the process. Sean says, “We have so many different things to offer our customers that we need to take a look at the space and talk to them before we can narrow it down so they don’t feel overwhelmed by the time they come in and we can show them the things that make the most sense based on what they asked for and what they need.”

What would you say to people on the verge of starting something? Molly says, “It’s never to early to start. The market right now is really tough, things are backed up a lot with contractors and manufacturers. Luckily what we put in here is our biggest seller, most affordable and most popular line, Fabuwood. We can get those really quickly and it’s a really great product but it never too early to get started.”

Sean says, “I always like to let people know that our in-home consultation free and so is our design, so you don’t have anything to lose and because we do the design it is the road map for your project. He says it is not uncommon for us to do a design for someone and then meet back with them eight or nine months later because this is a long process and we want to make sure we are there for the whole thing so there is continuity and good communication.”

For more information you can call ACME Cabinet Co. at 716-381-8888 or visit their website