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Medicare Open Enrollment is on now and Mel talks with Independent Health

Posted at 3:32 PM, Oct 15, 2021

Medicare Open Enrollment is open now and Mel is talking with Laryssa Domagala, Independent Health manager of Medicare. Open enrollment starts today and goes through December 7th. It is one time a year that Medicare beneficiaries get to review their plan, review their information, and really understand what’s going on with their health and make their choice for January.

Laryssa says Independent Health has great news for all their members. They have a three zero premier plan for next year. She says most of their premiums have stayed consistent, we lowered co-pays across our plan as well as we offered an over-the-counter plan benefit to help members buy some of the things they need in everyday life. She says we even have introduced a new plan that will give individuals money back in their Social Security checks, so we are really excited to people. If you haven’t spoken to Independent Health in a little bit, she says they have a lot to offer.

Laryssa say the most important thing when you are looking at a health plan is making sure the health plans covers, the doctors you need and the hospitals need or may need. Make sure you have access to pharmacies you use and the medications. Those are the most important things.

Independent Health has Medicare information centers located throughout Western New York. They are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Laryssa says you can just walk in. They are happy to help you. A list of their Medicare information centers is available on their website. They are requiring you wear masks if you visit the information centers to make things as safe and healthy as possible for our seniors. Other ways you can talk to Independent Health is through their call centers so they can help you over the phone. You can also do a video conference and they have chat available on their website.

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