Mask an Eyesore in the Garden

Melinda Myers
Posted at 11:31 AM, Sep 20, 2016

Mask a problem and create additional planting space with the help of a raised garden.

This wellhead in the middle of my patio created an eye sore and kept me from using this space.

With the help of interlocking wall stones I was able to solve this problem.  I centered the garden around the wellhead. I made three adjoining squares to complete the design. The wall blocks slide into corner pieces to make assembly easy. The wall stones were stacked three high in the center and two high on the adjoining sides.

I used landscape fabric to line the bed to keep the soil off the concrete. Then filled with planting mix and a combination of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

As the plants grew they covered the well-head and added 12 square feet of plantable space to create a beautiful and edible garden.

This easy to assemble garden can be easily disassembled if my well is ever in need of repair.