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Marsha McWilson inducted in Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-21 18:09:39-04

Peter Paonessa, president of the Niagara Fall Music Hall of Fame says they have been honoring musicians since 2017 and putting Marsha out there legitimizes our mission. He says she has deserved this for years and it is going to be a great honor to present that award to her.

Marsha McWilson says this is the icing on the cake. She says she has been serving and singing for almost 40 years and to have Mr. Paonessa just recognize all the hard work she has done for the community and bringing music for healing your soul.

Marsha recently wrote a song called Rona Mae Blues and she says she was on Channel 7 and she was being interviewed and told them she was writing a song because she lost her sister and six family members to the Corona virus and Marsha says they asked her to sing just a line of the song. Marsha says in her mind she was saying she was writing the song, I didn’t write it, but she made me, she pulled it out of me and I began singing the line Rona Mae Blues and that one line turned into a whole song. The song is a tribute to her sister Vanessa.

The 2020 induction ceremony is tomorrow at the Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls. The doors open at 6pm. Peter says they are also going to be selling tickets at the door which they normally don’t do but they have had so many inquiries and says we need to do it because people are calling. Also being inducted are Charles Chiarenza, Thom Rotella, Seven Day Faith, Michael Hatalak, Thomas Nelson and D’Amico Music.

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