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Mark “The Beast” Labbett talks with Emily Lampa

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jun 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-10 17:06:22-04

Do you love trivia? If you love Jeopardy, you’ll have to check out The Chase if you haven’t all ready. The Chase actually pits three former Jeopardy champions against three contestants. This season they have an additional chaser that they just added to the mix. He is from the original UK show. His name is Mark, “The Beast” Labett and he adds a whole new dynamic to the show.

He has faced over 600 teams across the world. His title is the world’s scariest chaser but he calls himself the second scariest chaser in the world because he says the scariest chaser, is his colleague, Ann Hergety whose name is The Governess and she reduces the men quickly into jelly. She is also the god mother to his son.

When asked if he is excited for this season being the newest member of the chase team in the United States, Mark says it was a honor to be invited. He goes on to say they are so good at that level and there aren’t that many that can play at that level and that’s why they sent for him. Mark says they needed somebody who’s a good player and his reputation proceeds him as the scariest one. He says he definite brings more of the performance side; he brings the mean effect. They are lovely guys, but says they are not quite as scary as he is.

Mark “The Beast” Labett has an IQ of 151 when tested recently and says this is the job he was born to do and says you couldn’t design a better job for him.

You can watch Mark on The Chase Sunday nights at 9pm right here on 7ABC.