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Managing the Hauli-days

Posted at 5:02 PM, Nov 19, 2021

Every day, and especially during the holiday season, freight management technology helps truck drivers locate more loads so that we can get the everyday essentials. The logistics are even more critical during the holiday season when many of us rely on important deliveries. New data from shows how many truck drivers are committed to taking more loads during the holidays so they can transport vital goods across the country amid a pandemic an in time for the holidays.

Paul Hochman, Haul-day tech expert is here to talk about everything that goes on behind the scenes heroes, with the truck drivers. Paul says everyone accepts the reality of trucks; they certainly see them out on the road as they are driving, but I don’t think they understand. First of all, he says, a lot of truckers tell me how proud they are of their central role in what is right now a huge economy, 22 trillion dollars in gross domestic product and they are a solid percentage of that. They know they are helping out that economy and individuals like you and me.

Paul says another thing people don’t think about is how complicated it is to get what is being shipped into the truck for delivery. There are thousands of kinds of shipments. For example refrigerated things for grocery chains, they have to move refrigerated items from one place to another and they can’t get just any truck, they have to get a refrigerated truck, the same holds true for the trucker looking if they have a refrigerator truck or a series of refrigerated trucks, a whole fleet of them. Paul says getting connected use to be phone calls and emails and that could be hours, days or even weeks trying to find the right people and right now it is especially strained so started a platform where now it is connected via click. is a clearing house for truckers and for shippers who need to connect. Truckers get paid faster if they go through They also know or find out on this platform whether or not they have the right insurance to carry the shipment they are being asked. It is a one stop for shippers and truckers to connect in a matter of seconds.

Is there something we can do to ease the burden on the supply train this year so we can help truckers help us. Paul says a lot of people think it is out of their hands, but it really isn’t. Consumers individually don’t feel like they make a difference, collectively you can. One big tip, if you know you are going to get a present and it doesn’t need be around before Christmas which more than four weeks away, don’t click next day if you don’t need it, click three day or five day or even a week if that option is available and take a little strain off the system. Number two when you’re driving if you need to pull in front of a truck use a turn signal because they are carrying multiple tons of cargo and they can’t stop as fast as we can and the more people let them know what we as automobile drivers are going to do, the easier their drive is collectively. Paul says these are two easy ways we can help.

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