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Looking for a vehicle - check out Motortrend’s Ultimate car rankings guide

Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 13, 2020

Things have definitely changed since the pandemic started says Edward Loh, Motortrend’s head of editorial. He says we are seeing a lot more tools available for the online shopper and we have a lot of tips for how to best buy a car which really start with shopping online, going to a third- party site like Motortrend.comfor some unbiased opinion. He also says dealership websites have done a lot to reduce the anxiety and all of the concern around the COVID pandemic. You can arrange for things like virtual walk-throughs of cars; you might arrange for a home test drive where they bring the car to your house and you can drive it around, all the way through to contactless purchasing. You might never have to step foot into a dealership.

Motortrend has been testing cars for 70 years through their ultimate car ranking system. The boil down all their expertise, all the data, and they come across what they believe to be the best in each class.

How can you use Motortrend’s ultimate car ranking guide to do our car shopping? Edward Loh says to go to Motortrend’s website and you can pick based on body style. Then they take you in and show you all the vehicles ranked from top to bottom. They have tested all the vehicles. You can then decide by what you are interested in, what’s best for you and click through to see all the features, and then make a decision.
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