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Lipsitz, Ponterio and Comerford LLC – Dangers of cosmetic talc

Posted at 5:34 PM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 17:34:50-04

One of the causes of mesothelioma is cosmetic talc. John P. Comerford ESQ, partner, Lipsitz Ponterio & Comerford LLC says the cosmetic talc industry was acutely aware that their products contained asbestos they never shared that information. He says when you are exposed to asbestos you don’t develop the disease, the next day or the next hour; it usually takes anywhere from 15 to 40 years for this disease to show up. John says what’s even sadder about that is that a lot of the companies that manufactured asbestos products knew all about latency and they took advantage of that latency because they were hopeful that this would never catch up to them. It has caught up to them and John says if you talk to any geologist, talc mines, and it depends on the region they are harvest from, are contaminated with asbestos.

John says you have two broad categories of talc. You have industrial talc and then you have cosmetic talc where baby powders and talcum powders were manufactured. He says you have women professionals developing mesothelioma and are really confused and they say they didn’t work in a plant; how did I get a disease that is only caused by asbestos? John says when we interview them, we ask them about their use of cosmetic talc’s and find out some people were using baby powder and other products daily on a regular basis and that explains how they developed mesothelioma. At Lipsitz Ponterio & Comerford they are working on cases of some people as young as their late 30’s and other people in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s with mesothelioma and the primary cause is the cosmetic talc. John says the more the dig down and look at this, it’s really disturbing because so much information was in the possession of these corporations that have the power, the ability and the resources to look into this and they looked away and so many people are becoming sick.

How do you know if you are impacted the cosmetics that you were using?
John says it requires a detailed analysis. Not all talcs contain asbestos. It depends on the product, years manufactured because it really an exercise in geology. You have to look at where every talc came from. He says we also have to do a detailed exposure evaluation to see if there are other exposures, exposures to industry because we are still very very busy representing trades people who worked at large plants at Bethlehem Steel, Republic Steel, plants throughout Niagara County, Hooker Chemical for example where asbestos was used until 1980. So if someone is diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is very time sensitive. He says we implore the people to call us. John says we know their health is first and we know that is so important. He says we are never going to interfere with their treatment or their medical condition, but we need to meet immediately to start the process.

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