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Lindsey Stirling's Christmas Program is coming to Shea’s this Saturday

Posted at 3:10 PM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 15:10:05-05

Lindsey Stirling says the Christmas tour is very special to her so being in places that feel Christmas-ie like Buffalo is very nice.

Lindsey wore an eye patch as a child. She says whenever I talks about that I’m amazed at how many mothers will reach out to me and say what that meant to their kid to hear that I struggled with, you know basically I had a learning disability and I still do to this day. Lindsey says I struggled reading, I had to wear an eye patch to correct an eye problem I had of my brain connecting to my eyes. I had to do a lot as kid which definitely doesn’t set you up for social success in first grade, second grade when you are wearing an eye patch. When asked what she would say to younger self, Lindsey says, be kind to yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself and I still look at the advice I would give little Lindsey of, it’s all going to work out, we are going to be okay, and I tell that to myself now when I have those moments of like all is lost, I’m not prepared for this, I worked hard but this isn’t working out and, it’s like all is going to be okay, just be kind to yourself.

Lindsey is performing this Saturday night at Shea’s so come and be ready to smile. She says nothing means more to me than that; I look at out at the audience and whether you are wearing a mask or not, I can see the smile through your eyes. She says that to me, it is why Imissed live performing so much through the pandemic. It was the ability to connect with people, to look into the eyes of the people you are performing to, and says there is nothing more magical than that. Lindsey says, come, bring your smiles and I hope you feel the magic of the show because we put so much love and work into it and I am real excited to share it.

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