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Late night shopping for mom

Posted at 11:35 AM, Sep 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 11:36:01-04

The month of September is a big month for babies. Nicolette Brycki, lifestyle expert and mother of two says September is a big month for babies and Zulily knows that and, in fact Zulily found that 59% of new moms wake up at least three times each night compared to just 16% last year. She says they are online, checking their emails, browsing social, but they are also shopping, so to respond to that Zulilly is making the most of those sleepless nights for those new moms out there by offering some great shopping deals for babies.

For those who don’t know, Zulily is an online retailer that helps moms discover incredible deals and fresh styles for themselves and their families. Nicolette says every day they are launching thousands of really awesome products from big name brands to unique boutique finds.

Starting tonight, through October 13th, Zulily is launching its month-long bi-annual late-night shop for mom and welcome baby event within the Welcome Baby Shop. Nicolette says you find those unbeatable deals for baby and nursery and you will find a new shoppable theme each week as well as her favorite part, the free shipping between 2 and 6am Eastern standard time,

Nicolette says color is trending. Zulily has also found that 58% of new moms believes color does have an effect on their baby’s mood. To respond to that, Zulily teamed up with a color expert and created an astrological color wheel. Nicolette says it helps moms see which colors correspond to which signs on the zodiac. She says this is all done to promote a really peaceful, happy environment for both mom and baby.

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