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KSL Diagnostics Biomedical and diagnostic testing

Posted at 4:15 PM, May 27, 2021

So many people are excited about the changes to the mask requirement, but it is important to keep in mind, that especially for the unvaccinated, we still need to make sure we are following the rules. If you still need COVID testing, there is a local business that is leading the way in quick and quality COVID testing.

Emily Lampa talks to Kevin Lawson, president and CEO, KSL Biomedical and KSL Diagnostics. She says what she found intriguing is the drive-thru setup and how easy it is f or people to come in and get COVID testing. Kevin Lawson says it was difficult in the beginning; everyone knows how difficult it was to find tests and how inconvenient it was and delays in services. He says they have been able to partner with Western New York Immediate Care and others and also present testing through their drive-thru sites. They have three of them in Cheektowaga, Buffalo and Amherst. It only takes about twenty minutes and no appointment is needed. Kevin says it is a quick and seamless process. They have been able to streamline how they get samples. He says it used to be for every time you were taking in a new specimen, it would be ten minutes per case or five minutes per case and now they have it down to about 30 seconds per case.

They don’t just do COVID testing at KSL Diagnostics. They do a lot of testing there. Kevin says “most of our COVID services are offered right for Western New York; other testing that we developed, like the antibody tests for COVID; or like some other testing in rheumatology and autoimmunity we are going to see applied throughout the U.S. or internationally because we developed many of those technologies ourselves.”

Kevin says their approach has been collaborative since the beginning and if there are groups out there that are looking for a laboratory partner or have ideas that they want people with their scientific background to be engaged with they encourage them to reach out to them. He says the University of Buffalo has been a tremendous partner; and the Buffalo Institute of Genomics, part of the university has been great. He says they worked with them to deliver jobs to the area and have added about 100 jobs in the last year alone. Kevin says they are growing and growing, and they expect to continue that, but pretty much all of the big players in WNY medicine, Catholic hospital system, and Roswell Park. Roswell Park, he says, was a great partner for the antibody clinical studies and they have submitted for publication just recently for that. He says they would like to participate with any other groups; it is a fertile opportunity for development in the sciences.

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