Kitchens with Ivy Lea Construction

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Posted at 12:16 PM, Nov 28, 2016

Our design team will work with you through the entire design process, from design to selection of materials, right threw to installation.

First an Ivy Lea team member will come to your home to take measurement and go over your project with you and we will start to develop a starting budget for your project. 

Once we get some rough budget numbers together we will take you out to our design center and walk you through the entire process of selections and design.   

  This will help to finalize design and budget.  We will need to make selections on materials to hammer down an exact price. 
Ivy Lea purchases and supplies all the needed materials. We will pull all necessary permits and inspections. 
Then our experienced installation team takes over the project.

On most of our kitchen we remove all existing fixtures and cabinets down to the studs.  Anything that we can save we donate to the habitat for humanity.

Why do we remove everything to the studs?  That way we can inspect everything behind the walls, electrical, plumbing, and look for mold, mildew or structural defects and update to today's building code as needed.
This is the time we can relocate fixtures and plumbing. 

This is also the time we can move or add addition lighting or plugs for your needs.  You would not believe what we find behind walls.