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Kids and oral health

Posted at 7:39 PM, Oct 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-28 19:39:00-04

Dr. Maria Ryan, DDS, PhD, chief clinical officer, Colgate-Palmovlive says it’s interesting to see that when we think about oral disease in adults, we know that 50% of all Americans have some sort of gum disease or periodontal disease. She says if it’s not treated the data shows it increases your risks for heart attacks and strokes, for respiratory disease, for adverse pregnancy outcomes, for diabetes and in children cavities can really impact their physical and mental health, their self-esteem and their overall wellbeing. She says put simply a healthy mouth is really important and essential for a child’s wellbeing.

Is oral disease a health crisis in the United States? Dr. Ryan says absolutely; 65 million Americans have untreated tooth decay and cavities is the most common disease in children. She says if you think about adults, nearly 50% of them have some form of gum disease or periodontal disease so you really can’t ignore that crisis. She goes on to say a lot of people don’t know they have this disease because they don’t have signs and symptoms; they may not have pain, so they really need to get into a dentist at least once a year.

It’s more important than ever to have teeth bushing as part of your child’s morning and bedtime routines, brushing twice a day for two minutes. She thinks using preventive strategies like flossing and mouth rinse and knowing your OQ oral health quotient. Knowing what to do and where to seek care is really important. Dr. Ryan says they have things to make it fun for kids, connected technologies, great tasting toothpastes, so there are ways to make it enjoyable.

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