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Kick up your holiday party with a virtual wine tasting experience

Posted at 5:33 PM, Dec 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-15 17:33:50-05

The wine world has shifted due to the pandemic and vineyards are creating new ways for people to connect, learn and enjoy the festivities. You can become a wine ambassador for Jean-Charles Boisset, Franco-American Vintner Extraordinaire, or you can do a virtual wine tasting. Virtual wine tasting has become the new thing. Jean-Charles Boisset had participated in winemaking since his early childhood. He is at Raymond Vineyards in California in the heart of the Napa Valley coming to us from the Red Room.

Virtual wine tasting is about doing that at a distance, so they bring the wine country to you, from the images of the vineyards to winery to how they make wine, and age the wine and how you taste wine. You can be in your living room on your couch having a great time with Jean-Charles Boisset at a distance. He says it’s not as fun as in person but almost, and you’ll have a great time.

JCB, as Jean-Charles Boisset is known, is well-renowned in the wine world for his wine, his innovation, his genuine love of people and passion for bringing the wine world to every American. From day one of Shelter in Place (SIP) Jean-Charles started nightly Virtual Wine Tastings on Facebook Live to help people feel connected and continue to enjoy life.

Boisset has created the Ambassador Program, a unique group of wine enthusiasts that provide direct to consumer wine, virtual wine tastings for home and office as well as a unique concierge service to their customers. The virtual tastings have become a huge opportunity for the Ambassadors to grow their business and for JCB to continue connecting with and educating people on his JCB LIVE You Tube Channel.

For more information about virtual wine tastings or becoming an ambassador click here.