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Kelly’s Choice – Setting realistic health goals in 2022

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jan 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-10 17:48:40-05

Kelly Springer, register dietician says to stay away from fad diets because fad diets are usually restrictive and cutting out macro nutrients like carbohydrates or fats or eating too much protein. She says this is where the combination of foods is so important to make sure we have all of those incorporated into our breakfast, lunch, dinner, not skipping meals and making sure we’re staying on track with that.

So how do you put these combinations together? Kelly says when you are looking at your plate you are really assessing right at that moment: do I have a protein, vegetable, a whole grain? Kelly says she thinks the visualization of that is the most helpful instead of looking at calories or something like that. She says looking at calories is not really looking at nutrition, that’s looking at calories, so we want to think more at the nutrition for our bodies. Do we have enough vegetables, fiber sources coming in? Also, Kelly says, the number one thing I see across the board is dehydration. We need to really increase our hydration; it’s a big piece. So with the fiber, the protein, the fruits and vegetables and that hydration we are going to feel so much better and not feel like we are restricting, and some chocolate cake can still fit in there. Everything in moderation, just making sure the majority of the time we are actually getting real food

Remember that weight went on slowly and it is going to come off slowly. Kelly says the goal of weight loss is one to two pounds a week and that’s a sustainable weight loss. She says if you are truly sustainable over that year period you can lose quite a bit of weight. But the main thing is not to get into that fad diet mentality; that is not sustainable. Kelly says you are going to lose a lot of weight and gain it right back again plus some. She says make sure those meals the majority of the time has that protein, a fiber source and a little bit of fat and you are going to be successful. Making sure you get those macronutrients, the proteins, the fiber the nutrients, the vitamins and all of that in combination is also going to give you energy.

Kelly says, here at Kelly’s Choice, we are here to be your cheerleader. She says we have proven programs to help with weight loss and they have been proven over thousands of patients and over 50 companies. If you need help; if you need to understand the why of what you are doing, we are here for you.

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