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Kelly’s Choice -healthy and delicious fiber snacks

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-26 18:32:27-04

Registered dietician, Kelly Springer, says she feels amazingly fortunate to be a dietician that gets to promote products that the regular consumer may not know about. Today she is telling us about Rowdy Bars. She says you may not have heard of them, but they are absolutely delicious and full of fiber. Kelly tells us if you ever heard her talk, she loves talking about fiber. The reason is we all need fiber for a healthy microbiome. People will ask how do I get fiber? Kelly says we talk about fruits and vegetables, nuts and different ways but they really want something grab and go, easy and Rowdy bars are just that. Kelly says they are so good. They have the sunflower butter, peanut butter and they use the Yacon root from South America and this naturally gives it sweetness and also is a prebiotic. Kelly says the prebiotics is the fiber that feeds that gut bio. She says these Rowdy bar’s have an amazing mission which is to feed your immune system, fuel your body, nourish your mind and replenish your soul. Kelly says there 100 trillion bacterial cells that live in your digestive tract and are actually responsible for 90% of the serotonin or your happiness transmitter so that’s why it can truly can affect your mind.

Kelly tells us she says she is always promoting to her clients to get in protein and fiber plus hydration. Getting in the protein and fiber is going to stabilize the blood sugar levels and hydration feeds every single cell and helps fiber do what it is supposed to do. Kelly tells us protein, fiber, hydration are the keys to success; making sure we are getting them in at least three times a day and making sure we are having good healthy foods.

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