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Kelly’s Choice – Fruits and vegetables and hydration

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 06, 2022

During the summer months we are attending parties, barbecues, going to festivals, fairs and more. Eating healthy can sometimes be hard during this time of year and many of us are thinking about how we can be healthier. Registered dietician Kelly Springer, spoke with Emily about healthy eating tips.

If you are having people over or having an outing with family or friends Kelly says put vegetables out. If they are cut up and ready and out there, people will eat it and they are delicious.

Fruits and vegetables aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. What can we do? Kelly says there are so many ways to make it taste delicious and one of the things you can do is add humas. There are so many different varieties of humas now. You can also use Greek yogurt dip and add a little bit of ranch.

Is it true the more vegetables you eat help with hydration? Kelly Springer says, “Back when I was an undergrad, we actually had a food science lab and we would take fruits and vegetables and dehydrate them to see how much hydration was in there. It was mind-blowing. You do get more hydration by eating fruits and vegetables, plus you get vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, electrolytes, vital chemicals, antioxidants and the list goes on and on.”

You can also use fruits and vegetables in water to make it taste really appealing.

Everyone is different and a dietician can help you. Kelly says “dieticians have seven years of education, and we have to continuously keep that degree up, so we are very different from a nationalist or a nutrition expert. We are all registered dieticians that have expertise in everything from G.I. health, diabetes, heart disease and even just general healthy nutrition.”

Does insurance cover a dietician? Kelly says, “We have 14 dieticians nationwide that are credentialed with all major insurance plans. You can reach out to us and they will go over the insurance information, the billing, all of it with you.”

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