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Kelly’s Choice – Empowering healthy choices

Posted at 6:42 PM, Nov 04, 2021

Kelly Springer, register dietician says she we have a whole team of dieticians across nation and we really focus on real people promoting real food and that has been our tag line since 2012. Last month they celebrated their ninth anniversary. Kelly’s Choice is a women owned and women run business. Kelly says they get to work with patients all over the U.S. to help them to get healthier and understand how to do just that.

How do they help people? Kelly says they are different, in the way that we truly just educate. She says they do not sell anything; we don’t sell supplements, we don’t sell food, we educate, and it takes education and a course to really understand what you are supposed to eat, how much you of that food you are supposed to eat and when. Kelly says this is where we have changed the narrative of how you can actually become healthy and stay healthy. It is not about restriction and she says that has been the story all these diets in the U.S. She says it is not about restriction, it’s understanding the education.

Now is the time to start getting healthy and Kelly’s Choice is credentialed with the all the major insurance plans and they can actually help to send your claims directly to insurance. She says this may be a covered benefit under your insurance plan. You can go to and book one of those private practice sessions, they would love to see you. Kelly says the average person gains 3 to 5 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s. Don’t let that be you. This is your moment, your time and Kelly says we are here for you and excited.

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