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Kelly’s Choice – 12 Days of Kelly’s Choice

Posted at 5:15 PM, Dec 14, 2021

Kelly Springer, register dietician says to go to her Instagram page which is @Kellyschoice_Nutrition because they are kicking off an exciting campaign called the 12 Days of Kelly’s Choice. They are giving away twelve amazing nutritionally sound products that Kelly knows you are going to want to see under your tree or in your stocking.

Kelly says how this campaign is going to work is easy. She says each day we are going to be highlighting one of these incredible brands and their products and followers will learn why I picked these products, and they will also have a chance to win a lot of free products as well.

Kelly says we are going to pick a lucky follower to win these amazing products and they are going to be delivered to your front door.

Kelly says our tag line at Kelly’s Choice is “real people promoting real food” and that’s what we have today. When you are looking at that ingredient label you want to look for real ingredients, not chemicals, not preservatives, real food.

Again, Kelly’s Instagram is kellyschoice_nutrition

For more information go to