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Keeping your stress and immune system in line

Posted at 4:45 PM, Nov 18, 2021

We are almost into the holiday season and registered dietician Kelly Springer, has two products that can help support your gut also reduce stress and definitely boost up your immune system. Kelly says she is going to talk about digestive health because it is so critically important because 70% of your immune system is actually housed in your gut bio. She says Lifeway Kefir has twelve live and active cultures, so it is going to help spur up that really good digestive track and all those bacteria that live there, plus it is going to boost immunity, curb hunger and sugar cravings.

Another product to help boost up our immune system is Gut Armor. Kelly says it is vitamin D3, and butyrate. She says this combo is the one-two knock out punch that is truly going to optimize your gut health, so the vitamin D is actually going to contribute to diversify your gut army and the butyrate is a short chain fatty acid and we know that a lot of us are not getting enough fiber sot this can actually help stabilize and get our gut actually healthier.

Visit and make sure to put in the code Kelly’s Choice gut 10 and you will get a percent off.

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