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It’s the 43North Finals of The Start-up Showdown

Posted at 5:28 PM, Oct 22, 2021

Maura Devlin, vice president, marketing and public relations 43 North, says it is really exciting week for Buffalo, and we are excited to be back with finals, so Thursday, October 28th you can get free tickets. She says come to Shea’s we are bringing ten entrepreneurs to Buffalo. They are going to pitch live onstage for a chance to get a cut of five million dollars.

43North is bringing in investors from all over the world to take a look at what Buffalo has to offer. Maura says at the core of 43North’s mission is they are trying to create jobs and opportunities in Buffalo, and it begins every year with this start-up competition. She says this week as part of what we are doing for finals, we are bringing in 30 venture capitalists and investors from all over the world that are coming in to see what is happening here in Buffalo.

Maura says they have 19 finalists and thinks any one of them could be the next big contender here in Buffalo. She says think about the award they can receive that night. It is huge and it’s not about the money; the experience that they’ll get from 43North, and keep in mind they have to move their business here for a year. She says they give them all kinds of things like mentorship, connection to customers, and winning that money, what is can do for their business can be huge and it feels a lot like Shark Tank. Maura says if you come to Shea’s, it’s high stakes, it’s dramatic and you are also going to leave there feeling really proud and really excited about what the opportunities are that are in Buffalo.

Maura says my message is, if you don’t understand 43North or you don’t get start-ups, finals is a great place to learn about that. It’s really for all ages. Come in, tickets are free, you’ll love it and you will love our city even more.

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