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Is you brain in a fog?

Posted at 3:59 PM, Nov 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 15:59:41-05

Are you are feeling a bit MIF? New York Times best-selling author Dr. Mike Dow says it’s a real thing. During this pandemic so many of us are multitasking and that leads us to feeling MIF which stands for Multitasking Induced Forgetfulness. Because so many of us are on a conference call and then maybe your kids are having school in the next room and the television is on and your significant other is on a phone call. All that multitasking is not good for the brain. More and more of us are feeling forgetful and in fact Natrol found in a survey the number one thing impacting memory was multitasking.

Dr. Dow says it’s interesting that all this multitasking actually negatively affects our memory and our brain health. He says we know that we actually want to single task; we want to work mindfully, working on only one thing a time. It really helps to strengthen our brain and really helps us to increase our focus and concentration. Concentrating, forgetting why you walked into a room; if you have a lot of adrenaline sometimes your mind will just go blank, like forgetting gifts on your holiday list. There are so many ways to feel MIF present itself.

What do you do about it? Dr. Dow says he’s a science guy and that why he takes Natrol’s Cognium Brain Health. He says it sort of energizes the brain but not with a stimulant. It energizes it by decreasing blood flow to the brain. He says our brain is this little organ, but it takes up so much energy because it so complex and that’s why as we age, we can really prioritize our brain health with fantastic things like this.

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