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Is winter dry skin giving you the chills?

Posted at 6:25 PM, Dec 29, 2020

Dr. Sheila Farhang, board certified dermatologist says our skin is impacted by our genetics, our environment and our skin care routine and while we can’t really control our genetics and environment, we can absolutely control and pick the right skin care products for our face and body especially in the winter months.

She says the air outside is more dry so we have to find a good product that retains our skin’s moisture. Finding a product such as the Olay cleansing and nourishing body wash is really important, so we are repairing our moisture barrier and preventing dryness.

Some of Dr. Farhang also says to decrease shower time and decrease the temperature of the water. Hot water actually strips our skins natural oils, so you want to use a product that really moisturizes deep in the skin’s surface. One that she recommends is the Olay premium body wash collection. She says it is great because it won’t strip the skin’s natural oils like a lot of the traditional body soaps do.

One little trick that she tells her patients is to think of a product like an in-shower body conditioner like the Olay rinse off body conditioner which is formulated with shea butter which is very hydrating on the skin.

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