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Investing in America’s Infrastructure

Posted at 7:05 PM, Oct 04, 2021

Neil Bradley, EVP and Chief policy officer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce says what excites him the most is that we are finally going to turn all this talk into action. He says in Washing ton, politicians from both sides of the aisle have spent years promising do something about infrastructure, about our roads, our bridges, ports, airports and broadbands and, actually them doing nothing and now we have this bipartisan bill that’s going to make significant investments in all those areas and more. Neil says it’s going to improve the life of citizens of Buffalo, people in New York and across this country and it is finally going to become a reality.

He says let’s start with roads. Neil says they are talking about 12 billion dollars to help improve the roads, some of that money heading toward airport boulevard and I-81 and we have significant money, to help repair broken bridges. He says shipping and ports is a big part of New York economy and there is 17 billion dollars that’s going to help with those inland waterways in those major ports and dams. We have 424 high hazard dams across New York State, including in Buffalo and Neil says this bill provides money to repair them. Neil Bradley says all these things, I just talked about only happen if this bill passes and becomes law. He says it has already passed the US Senate and is now pending in the House and it is an open question whether or not it is going to pass.

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